Why Urban Puritano?

Why Urban Puritano? My goal in this blog is to share thoughts on Reformed Theology as I have applied them to my life’s experiences in the hopes that they can be an encouragement to my readers. In the process, I hope to share some resources or ideas that can be practically implemented in the home or in the local church.

Urban Puritano suggests a few things. I am a bilingual city dweller who admires and adheres to Puritan theology. Calvinism. The only thing better than Calvinism is Calvinism in Spanish. Therefore, I will occasionally offer Spanish content and products promoting Reformed Theology for a bilingual speaking audience. There is a growing number of ministry students, pastors, and lay people in English and Spanish speaking environments that are embracing the Biblical truths of Calvinism or the Doctrines of Grace.

Applications of Reformed Theology take many forms. I can only scratch the surface on some of those applications as I have experienced them in my life thus far. If I achieve that through book reviews, recommendations, Bible study ideas, theological discussions, sermon reviews, Christian Education discussions, other areas of interest, or apparel, then may it be to God’s glory and to the reader’s benefit.

Stay Tuned!

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