Pastor Appreciation Day (Every day!)

Pastor Preaching

Hermano Pastor,

I hope you and your family are doing well. I have been wanting to tell you how much I
appreciate your sermons. Your preaching has been a blessing to me and I hope my family as well.

I would imagine it is sometimes difficult to see the results with people in general.  I put my trust in God and His promises that His word will not return void for the congregation, my family, and I.

I have tried applying the truths I hear to my own heart and life. It is challenging. My rebellious, sinful heart is inclined to do things my way. But over the years, God has afflicted me that I might learn His decrees (Salmo 119:71).

I want to thank you for the way you apply your points of the sermon with real life examples that we can easily understand. They are relevant to the text, your sermon points, and our lives. Even though they may feel uncomfortable at times, they are necessary. And I appreciate that when the Word you preach nails us, you also offer up our Lord and Saviour as our only solution and hope. He is offered as our comfort, our source of strength.

Many times in churches, the message is just to "try harder", "do this", or "follow this example". But if these things were true, then our Lord didn't have to come to earth and accomplish everything He did for us. Thank you for presenting both the depth of our sin and the reality of our Savior.

After looking to ourselves and realizing our miserable condition apart from Christ, you offer Christ to all of us who are weary and heavy laden because only He offers rest.

So, thank you so much for the way you preach Christ and Him crucified. I know you are very busy with the responsibilities of a husband, father, your studies, and church. My family and I pray for you daily at night and it brings me joy to remember you in prayer with my family. Thank you for your preaching and prayers.

Thanks, Pastor!

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